How to Build an App

Forging Your Own Path to Success with Scott Paul (Wooly)

December 01, 2021 Strides Development Season 3 Episode 45
How to Build an App
Forging Your Own Path to Success with Scott Paul (Wooly)
Show Notes

Welcome back to How To Build An App!

As much as we’d all love a step by step roadmap as entrepreneurs, there is no exact formula.

There’s no exact formula for building a successful startup, or a company that you can have a successful exit from.

Being an entrepreneur is unpredictable and you have to be ready to forge your own way and solve problems that you won’t find the answers to on google.

This week’s episode is all about breaking the mold and forging your own path to success.

Our guest this week is Scott Paul, a repeat startup founder, angel investor, youtuber, and self-proclaimed hairfluencer!

Having already founded 5 companies, Scott wanted to get in on helping to fund and mentor new founders, so they started HyperActive, seed capital for fellow founders.

Since then, they’ve invested in over 65 startups, primarily in tech.

We’ve quickly learned that an experience with Scott is always out of the box and against the grain—just how they like it.

As Scott says, “Out of chaos comes greatness.”

In this episode Scott shares the hard truth of being an entrepreneur and the mentality you need to succeed.


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