How to Build an App

Building a Company That Will Sell with Josh Lindsey (American Business Brokers)

November 10, 2021 Strides Development Season 3 Episode 42
How to Build an App
Building a Company That Will Sell with Josh Lindsey (American Business Brokers)
Show Notes

Would you rather have twenty-five percent of a company that sells for $8 billion, or a hundred percent of something that's worth $250 grand?

With some quick math, that question should be pretty easy for anyone to answer.

There’s much more profit in owning a portion of that $8 billion company!

But why are we asking?

This week’s episode is all about building a company that will sell, and one of the main points we’ll discuss is how your team will impact that ability.

Many founders cling to the idea that they’ve got to do it ALL, and struggle to give up any control within their startup.
Running a successful startup that will scale up and make you the big bucks is impossible if you try to do it on your own!

You’ve got to build a company that can thrive without you, and that all starts with a solid and balanced founding team that possesses both the tech and sales knowledge to build and sell a viable product.

Our guest this week is Joshua Lindsey, founder of American Business Brokers, and a leading authority in buying and selling businesses.

On top of successfully selling 6 of his own businesses, he has successfully brokered over $40 million in business sales on behalf of others.

In this episode Josh shares his knowledge on what founders can do early on to set their businesses up for a successful (and profitable) exit.


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