How to Build an App

Season 1 Recap with Brian Springer (Strides Development) — Part 1

May 25, 2021 Strides Development Season 1 Episode 16
How to Build an App
Season 1 Recap with Brian Springer (Strides Development) — Part 1
Show Notes

This is the first of a TWO part episode to wrap up what we’re calling the first season of How to Build An App. 

So far in this season, we’ve talked about different things you need to consider as you’re trying to turn your big idea into a finished app. 

Today, we want to recap a few highlights from our first 9 episodes, and TOMORROW we’re going to cover episodes 10-15. 

This is actually a lot of fun and we’re excited to run through this because just in the past couple of weeks we’ve seen a HUGE jump in our listeners. So if you’re listening for the first time, this might help point you in the right direction to which episodes you should check out. 

As we walk through our first season we actually brought back one of our favorite guests — Brian Springer. 

Brian introduced us to a lot of the guests we had on this season who have become good friends with. 

On top of that, a few things have changed in Brian’s world: He recently joined forces with Eric Espinosa and the crew at Venture Validator from episode 4. 

AND, they have launched a new program that is a GREAT place for founders to start going through the process of building their idea… 

They call it Launch to Legacy… but we’ll let Brian tell you about it. 


This show is produced by Strides Development, a full-service app development agency. 

We specialize in taking your ideas and turning them into a finished app in only a few months. 

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